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DXN Italy Opening Ceremony – 24 October – Rome

DXN Italy Opening Ceremony – 2013 Rome

Great news! DXN Italy is opening. Do not miss the DXN Italy opening ceremony in Rome!

The opening ceremony is on 15:00-18:00, 24th October 2013
The venue is the following: Via Nazionale nr. 7 presso l’Hotel Quirinale

It is a great chance to start building a business when only a few of you knows DXN and its products. It is a great chance to make DXN and its products known by others.

La DXN is present in about 50 countries and now the market is opening also in Italy.


why DXN is a good choice for online business

If you would like to join and register, you have 2 alternatives:

free registration and registering with 20 euro

  1. If you would like to choose the free registration, use this link:

(the sponsor code to be used is 310014863 – Incze Csilla)

Free registration has limitations: it is fine if you just would like to consume the products but you do not want to be a distributor, get bonus. If you register free, you can still buy the products with a discount. To summarize the free registration is for those who are not motivated to build a business, get bonus and have members in their team.

  1. If you would like to build a business, get bonus, have members in your team, have an online webshop, it is necessary to pay the registration fee: 20 euro, which means buying a Starter kit.

Of course it is possible to buy other products or other kinds of kits at the same time with the registration.

For registering use this link for Italian: http://ganodermacaffe.dxnitaly.com/member_registration_private

or in English: http://www.healthywithcoffee.ganodermacenter.eu/member_registration_private

For buying a starter kit or other products: http://ganodermacaffe.dxnitaly.com/products

What will happen after the registration for a distributor?

You will receive a sponsor code to be used for building a business and having members in your team.
You will also receive your credentials for an online repository that contains more information, education materials how to build a successful business. All the distributors have the chance to obtain such websites available in more languages, also in Italian and English: http://www.ganodermacaffe.dxnitaly.com/


Have you read my story? I hope so, so you had the chance to get to know me better 😉


If you use facebook, like our page to get the latest news about DXN Italy:


I would be happy to help you with my experience, my knowledge about DXN and online marketing, the products, and I would be happy to help to grow and build a strong team also in Italy :).

Contact me here!



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E-mail: healthywithcoffee@gmail.com

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